Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Crochet Runner

War was raging back home and communication with my family was difficult and sporadic.  I missed my mother terribly even though I was happy here.  In one of my letters, I asked her to make me one of her beautiful crochet pieces.  I wanted to put it on my foyer table to remind me of her and make my apartment feel more like home.  I measured the table and told her to make it 8x12.

A few months later, a package arrived from home with my runner in it.  I stood there looking at it, confused why mom would send me this. What was it?  Then I saw the note ~ " It boggled my mind why you would ask for something like this.  What could you possibly use it for?  Your father, sisters and I cannot think of anything.  But here it is, hokiss, I tried my best to fit as much of the design in as I could. I hope you like it and you use it in health."

I laughed. It sits pretty in a small rectangular plate on my dressing table now and makes me smile each time I look at it.  I had forgotten that measurements were in centimeters back home, not inches.  So instead of a 8x12 inch runner, I had gotten a 8x12 cm one. 

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