Monday, July 2, 2012

Anderson Cooper

I haven't done an op-ed in a while, so here goes.

for all the comments I've seen and heard, on twitter, Facebook, Whole Foods and the Target parking lot -

It's not about whether you knew or didn't know that he was gay.  In fact, it's not about you at all. Whether you were surprised or not is not relevant.  It is about Anderson, his life, his words, his choices and his courage. Not you or me!

It is about a decent man who wanted to keep his privacy for personal reasons in an un-accepting, judgmental world. it is also about a journalist who wanted to keep his privacy for safety reasons, professional reasons, in order to be able to do his job as well as he does.

But now he has chosen to stand up and be visible for the good that might do in the community, maybe save some young people from despairing about something that is not a choice, a sin or a character flaw.

Maybe by doing so, one day it truly will become nobody's business and people won't be smug about knowing something no one else knew.

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