Saturday, March 19, 2011

I ran after the moon today

They told me the moon would be special today
They said it would surely grant me a wish
But pick what you ask for carefully
Don't waste it on something foolish

I went outside looking for the moon
It was not in its usual spot
I went around, strained my neck to find it, without any luck
Panic struck me. What if I miss it? What about my wish?
I ran between the houses, past the trees to more open spaces
But the moon was nowhere to be found

I got in my car and drove East
Towards the spot where I usually see it
But it was no use, it wasn't meant to be
The moon didn't want me to find it, 
My wish will have to wait, I thought
Maybe eighteen more years or so 
For the moon to be this close, this willing to grant it.

Then what should I see when I got back home?
But the moon peeking behind the trees
I ran out past houses and fences
Hello moon, I cried, can you see me?
It was so big, so close I thought I could touch it
It was friendly, smiling back at me 
So I made my wish carefully
Then I asked it to promise not to forget me

I ran after the moon today
And I caught it finally.

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