Monday, January 24, 2011

He Is My Brother

He is the CEO of his own company
a respected businessman, a mover, a shaker
Familiar with airports all over the world, 
A problem solver, a forward thinker.

But more than all of that, he is my brother.

Do you remember how we made our own game of chess?
A cardboard carefully lined into equal squares
Horses and castles drawn on pieces of paper we cut
Queens and kings and bishops in black and in white 

He is a consultant to kings and princes,
An expert witness to give congress fright
Magazine covers graced by his handsome face
Evening news reporters in awe of his insight

But more than all of that, he is my brother.

Do you remember how we made a phone?
With paper cups and a piece of string pulled tight
We ran it across from your bed to mine
And what was it that we talked about all night?

He is a writer, a poet renowned
A weaver of words in our mother tongue
He speaks of the land, the mountains and trees
The beauty of his words brings a flow of tears
I read each poem a thousand and one times
and then I read them again to sway with the rhymes

Because you know more than anything, he is my brother.

Do you remember playing in the streets?
Hiding in our rooms, at times happy and at times sad
All that we endured, all that made us strong
Do you remember the good days and the bad?

A global citizen, he comes and he goes
To schools and libraries, he lends a helping hand
He builds up villages and cultivates the land
By just his presence, softens peoples' woes

Why does my heart swell with pride and with love
Because  as you know quite well by now
More than anything,  he is my brother.

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  1. Hooray!! Your brother is plenty to be proud of! Maybe you can translate one of his poems into English and share it with us...I'd love to hear it!