Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here we go

First day of 2011 -
Alone but not lonely. Peaceful.
I spent a few minutes reflecting on 2010; It was a strange year, not too productive, a little restless, I think because of emergence of consciousness.  There were trips - New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Virginia, Chicago, New York again and again.  But there were trips to doctors' offices as well.

There was sadness and heartache, there were endings; but there was joy, music, dance, and there were beginnings and friends- old friends and new friends; people open enough that I could connect with them, even without ever meeting them.   There were tears, but not too many outbursts and a lot more giggles.  Overall, I think it was a transitional year, taking me closer to whatever it is which I seek.

Now, there is quiet, peace and chocolate ice cream.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow hasn't happened yet.

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